Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus

A meet with the Governor

As I came into the spaceport I was able to meet my new battle brothers in my Deathwatch squad. Hastean a Salamander Tech-marine, a Apothecary, and Astelan a Dark Angel Tactical Marine. They seem like good chaps. As my bike was being unloaded a call came in to show up at the palace and talk to the Governor about the rebels.

We walk into the throne room, I am not liking this place…something is off. The Governor is on the throne and the Governess is holding a wailing child, people of rank and importance fill the hall. As we are talking to him xeno’s jump down from the columns. The Governor’s bodyguard servo shoots rounds into the crowd. The Salamander bbq’s a xeno with his flamer. Astelan mows down a xeno charging him, with his bolter. The Apothecary protects the Governor. I charge and remove a xeno’s head cleanly from it’s body, with my power lance. The rest of the xeno’s tear into the crowd, slaughtering many. The Governor flees to his royal appartments, the Apothecary follows him. I shove my power lance though the chest of another xeno and blow out it’s back and slides to the floor. A xeno flees the hall and Astelan runs after it. The Apothecary starts checking people and it’s notices that the baby is tainted, I am happy to remove this mutant for the emperor. Astelan returns, the xeno got away.



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