Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus

By sea, land, & air....we are going to F@ck things up!

The Judge tells us about the last time he saw the Inquisitor and location. We give him some PDF units so he can go give to law to the land and we head out to our next mission. The best way to get there is on the water, which I have to say was a rough ride.
We take out the light house so they can’t locate us. We need to jump from the boat to the shore, everyone makes it except me. Astelan throws a rope to me and yanks me out of the water.
We climb up the wall to the runoff pipe, Hastean uses his arm to get us inside. We walk though the pipe into the sewers, we find a defensible room, Astelan scouts ahead, he is attacked by a genestealer. I charge down the hall to help my battle brother, he is wounded, I dispatch the xeno scum. We come back to the room and the other genestealers attack. Because of the defensive advantage we have we make quick work of them.
We climb out of the sewers and notice someone speaking on a bull horn, we go to investigate. A huge crowd of rebels, mutants, and xeno off spring are listening to the foul words of a genetealer psyker. On stage women are kneeling to receive the “gift kiss”. Astelan and I had enough of the sacrilegious sights and charged into the crowd. Hastean called in the coordinates for the Death Head missile, while Leonatos guarded him. The mob is no match for us, but there are so many of them, we are killing them but there is always more to fill the gap. The psyker gets into a vehicle and drives off like a coward that he is. I will find you…and kill you xeno scum. A armored car heads towards us and is mowing down rebels to get to us. We can’t make it to the vehicles, the missile is incoming and we need to get out of the blast zone. Astelan and I split up, he runs for cover behind a statue and I do a fighting retreat back to the squad. Hastean finds a sewer cover and takes it off and jumps in, Leonatos defends the hole until I get close and then jumps in. Astelan gets wounded in his cyber-leg as he is running down a side street being chased by the armored car. He also finds a sewer cover and gets in and continues to run away from the blast site. I jump in and the three of us run away from the blast location, the mob is following us. The missile hits, shakes the ground and a firestorm shoots though the open man holes and burn the mob following us. We come up out of the sewers, a crater is where the crowd was, buildings are burning, the armored car is a burnt out shell. We find some tracks from the vehicle that got away and start following them, I am coming psyker!



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