Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus

Protecting the call out.

After the attack by the genestealers in the open and broad daylight. It is agreed, we need to make a call for reinforcements. As we are at the Astropaths tower and the Psyker is sending her message, we get a report from the PDF that a mob of rebels is moving to attack the tower. We set up defensible positions to protect the call for help. A new squad member Leonatos a Apothecary Blood Angels takes up overwatch positions with Astelan on the balcony. Hastean is covering the stairwell with his flamer and I am guarding the doors into the Psyker with my power lance.

As the rebels came up to the tower Leonatos and Astelan threw grenades and shoot their bolters into the mob, but there are just too many. The 1st wave of the mob up the stairs meets a blazing death at the end of Hastean’s flamer. The 2nd wave Leonatos moves over to the stairwell to help Hastean with grenades. Astelan spots genestealers in the 3rd wave as he is throwing the last of his grenades into the mob. Hastean cooks a genestealer on the stairs, Leonatos holds back the mob with his grenades, and I kill another genestealer that got up the stairs. The last wave we make quick work of the what’s left of the rebel mob in the name of the Emperor! The message gets out.



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