Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus

The Gas factory

The tracks lead out of the burning district and into the factory district and to a fuel factory. We go into the factory to investigate. For a factory there is a high level of security, a foreman comes up to question us. He seems nervous, tells us that a car didn’t come into the factory. I read his aura, he is lying. The security guards attack from everywhere. Hastean runs for cover and shoots at a fuel storage container, it blows up taking out a whole squad of guards. Astelan sprays a overhead walk way with bolter rounds. Leonatos tears into some guards with his chain sword. I shoot at the foreman and his guards as they are running to get away. The guards are no match for us, but they keep us busy long enough for the foreman to get away down a hall way, I go after…the rest of the team follows. With some tracking we go downstairs and find a vault door…good thing Astelan has a demo charge, the door melts to slag. Beyond the ruined door, the rooms take on an alien feel…xeno’s. We walk into the last room, a broodlord is on a throne. The psyker is next to him, a cage is in the corner with a human corpse in it. Four genestealers jump down from the ceiling and advance on us. Astelan shoots at the broodlord, the shots hit a psychic shield. Leonatos cuts one genestealers in half with his chain blade and I run mine through the head with my power-lance. The broodlord lets out a chilling xeno scream which causes my battle brothers to pause and lower their guns, he advances on Astelan and tears open his chest armor. Leonatos steps over to help him and takes out his genestealer, with a swipe of the chain sword. The arrogant psyker thinks he is a match for me, I rip off his arm with my lance and he crumbles to the floor. Hastean kills the last genestealer with some well placed rounds into it’s chest. Leonatos attacks the broodlord, it just seems to anger the beast. Astelan wins the battle of wills and brings his bolter up and shoots the broodlord in the face, doing massive damage to him and rocks him back. He shoots again and by the emperors will, the shot lands in the broodlords face and his head explodes. I cut off the psykers head, my hunt is over.



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