Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus

The Judge

As we are at the armory replenishing our supplies and grenades. A call comes across the vox that some imperial officers are pinned down at a bar and need help. When we arrive there are 4 rebel roof top locations using heavy weapons firing into the bar, along with fortification on the ground too. Myself and Leonatos attack the ground forces, Hastean and Astelan focus on the roof top rebels. Besides Astelan having trouble using his jet pack the roof top rebels are wiped out easily. While up on the roof top Astelan see’s a mob coming to reinforce the ground rebels and goes off to blow up a bridge to stop them…he doesn’t have demolition skill. I am racing up and down the street attacking the rebels on the ground with my bike. Leonatos goes into the bar to see how they are fairing and to meet up with Astelan. Hastean picks up movement in the sewers and lifts a street cover and flames down the hole, screams of the rebels is brief as they die. By the blessing of the Emperor Astelan, sets the charge and starts coming back to the bar. Rebels were not the only thing down in the sewers, three mutants jumped out. One moves and attacks Hastean with a huge hammer, he blocks with his mechanical arm. Leonatos charges though the bar and smashes another mutant chest to pulp. I jump off my bike and kill the third with my power lance. The bridge blows up taking out some reinforcements in the explosion, Astelan cuts down the rest with his bolter. Hastean is struggling with his mutant, Leonatos makes the muties head paste.

The imperial officers are impressed, The Judge comes over and offers his service and information about the city.



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