Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus

The Gas factory

The tracks lead out of the burning district and into the factory district and to a fuel factory. We go into the factory to investigate. For a factory there is a high level of security, a foreman comes up to question us. He seems nervous, tells us that a car didn’t come into the factory. I read his aura, he is lying. The security guards attack from everywhere. Hastean runs for cover and shoots at a fuel storage container, it blows up taking out a whole squad of guards. Astelan sprays a overhead walk way with bolter rounds. Leonatos tears into some guards with his chain sword. I shoot at the foreman and his guards as they are running to get away. The guards are no match for us, but they keep us busy long enough for the foreman to get away down a hall way, I go after…the rest of the team follows. With some tracking we go downstairs and find a vault door…good thing Astelan has a demo charge, the door melts to slag. Beyond the ruined door, the rooms take on an alien feel…xeno’s. We walk into the last room, a broodlord is on a throne. The psyker is next to him, a cage is in the corner with a human corpse in it. Four genestealers jump down from the ceiling and advance on us. Astelan shoots at the broodlord, the shots hit a psychic shield. Leonatos cuts one genestealers in half with his chain blade and I run mine through the head with my power-lance. The broodlord lets out a chilling xeno scream which causes my battle brothers to pause and lower their guns, he advances on Astelan and tears open his chest armor. Leonatos steps over to help him and takes out his genestealer, with a swipe of the chain sword. The arrogant psyker thinks he is a match for me, I rip off his arm with my lance and he crumbles to the floor. Hastean kills the last genestealer with some well placed rounds into it’s chest. Leonatos attacks the broodlord, it just seems to anger the beast. Astelan wins the battle of wills and brings his bolter up and shoots the broodlord in the face, doing massive damage to him and rocks him back. He shoots again and by the emperors will, the shot lands in the broodlords face and his head explodes. I cut off the psykers head, my hunt is over.

By sea, land, & air....we are going to F@ck things up!

The Judge tells us about the last time he saw the Inquisitor and location. We give him some PDF units so he can go give to law to the land and we head out to our next mission. The best way to get there is on the water, which I have to say was a rough ride.
We take out the light house so they can’t locate us. We need to jump from the boat to the shore, everyone makes it except me. Astelan throws a rope to me and yanks me out of the water.
We climb up the wall to the runoff pipe, Hastean uses his arm to get us inside. We walk though the pipe into the sewers, we find a defensible room, Astelan scouts ahead, he is attacked by a genestealer. I charge down the hall to help my battle brother, he is wounded, I dispatch the xeno scum. We come back to the room and the other genestealers attack. Because of the defensive advantage we have we make quick work of them.
We climb out of the sewers and notice someone speaking on a bull horn, we go to investigate. A huge crowd of rebels, mutants, and xeno off spring are listening to the foul words of a genetealer psyker. On stage women are kneeling to receive the “gift kiss”. Astelan and I had enough of the sacrilegious sights and charged into the crowd. Hastean called in the coordinates for the Death Head missile, while Leonatos guarded him. The mob is no match for us, but there are so many of them, we are killing them but there is always more to fill the gap. The psyker gets into a vehicle and drives off like a coward that he is. I will find you…and kill you xeno scum. A armored car heads towards us and is mowing down rebels to get to us. We can’t make it to the vehicles, the missile is incoming and we need to get out of the blast zone. Astelan and I split up, he runs for cover behind a statue and I do a fighting retreat back to the squad. Hastean finds a sewer cover and takes it off and jumps in, Leonatos defends the hole until I get close and then jumps in. Astelan gets wounded in his cyber-leg as he is running down a side street being chased by the armored car. He also finds a sewer cover and gets in and continues to run away from the blast site. I jump in and the three of us run away from the blast location, the mob is following us. The missile hits, shakes the ground and a firestorm shoots though the open man holes and burn the mob following us. We come up out of the sewers, a crater is where the crowd was, buildings are burning, the armored car is a burnt out shell. We find some tracks from the vehicle that got away and start following them, I am coming psyker!

The Judge

As we are at the armory replenishing our supplies and grenades. A call comes across the vox that some imperial officers are pinned down at a bar and need help. When we arrive there are 4 rebel roof top locations using heavy weapons firing into the bar, along with fortification on the ground too. Myself and Leonatos attack the ground forces, Hastean and Astelan focus on the roof top rebels. Besides Astelan having trouble using his jet pack the roof top rebels are wiped out easily. While up on the roof top Astelan see’s a mob coming to reinforce the ground rebels and goes off to blow up a bridge to stop them…he doesn’t have demolition skill. I am racing up and down the street attacking the rebels on the ground with my bike. Leonatos goes into the bar to see how they are fairing and to meet up with Astelan. Hastean picks up movement in the sewers and lifts a street cover and flames down the hole, screams of the rebels is brief as they die. By the blessing of the Emperor Astelan, sets the charge and starts coming back to the bar. Rebels were not the only thing down in the sewers, three mutants jumped out. One moves and attacks Hastean with a huge hammer, he blocks with his mechanical arm. Leonatos charges though the bar and smashes another mutant chest to pulp. I jump off my bike and kill the third with my power lance. The bridge blows up taking out some reinforcements in the explosion, Astelan cuts down the rest with his bolter. Hastean is struggling with his mutant, Leonatos makes the muties head paste.

The imperial officers are impressed, The Judge comes over and offers his service and information about the city.

Protecting the call out.

After the attack by the genestealers in the open and broad daylight. It is agreed, we need to make a call for reinforcements. As we are at the Astropaths tower and the Psyker is sending her message, we get a report from the PDF that a mob of rebels is moving to attack the tower. We set up defensible positions to protect the call for help. A new squad member Leonatos a Apothecary Blood Angels takes up overwatch positions with Astelan on the balcony. Hastean is covering the stairwell with his flamer and I am guarding the doors into the Psyker with my power lance.

As the rebels came up to the tower Leonatos and Astelan threw grenades and shoot their bolters into the mob, but there are just too many. The 1st wave of the mob up the stairs meets a blazing death at the end of Hastean’s flamer. The 2nd wave Leonatos moves over to the stairwell to help Hastean with grenades. Astelan spots genestealers in the 3rd wave as he is throwing the last of his grenades into the mob. Hastean cooks a genestealer on the stairs, Leonatos holds back the mob with his grenades, and I kill another genestealer that got up the stairs. The last wave we make quick work of the what’s left of the rebel mob in the name of the Emperor! The message gets out.

A meet with the Governor

As I came into the spaceport I was able to meet my new battle brothers in my Deathwatch squad. Hastean a Salamander Tech-marine, a Apothecary, and Astelan a Dark Angel Tactical Marine. They seem like good chaps. As my bike was being unloaded a call came in to show up at the palace and talk to the Governor about the rebels.

We walk into the throne room, I am not liking this place…something is off. The Governor is on the throne and the Governess is holding a wailing child, people of rank and importance fill the hall. As we are talking to him xeno’s jump down from the columns. The Governor’s bodyguard servo shoots rounds into the crowd. The Salamander bbq’s a xeno with his flamer. Astelan mows down a xeno charging him, with his bolter. The Apothecary protects the Governor. I charge and remove a xeno’s head cleanly from it’s body, with my power lance. The rest of the xeno’s tear into the crowd, slaughtering many. The Governor flees to his royal appartments, the Apothecary follows him. I shove my power lance though the chest of another xeno and blow out it’s back and slides to the floor. A xeno flees the hall and Astelan runs after it. The Apothecary starts checking people and it’s notices that the baby is tainted, I am happy to remove this mutant for the emperor. Astelan returns, the xeno got away.

Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus
Sessions 3 Log

The Portica District has been secured thanks to the Valor of two brave Killteam members. Heroically done, like a Space Marine! First the Killteam uncovered the traitor that was stymieing the defense of the PDF base and mobilized defenses uncovered within the base.

Next our Battle Brothers moved on to support the PDF Platoon defending the Spaceport from being overrun by Rebels. It was a brutal combat with grievous casualties with most of the PDF Platoon perishing in the battle. During the exchange a fuel truck loaded with high octane promethium was attempting to ram the barricade, our Dark Angel Assault Marine Astelan took careful aim and…Missed! However, his off-hand shot not so carefully aim scored a headshot on the driver. Meanwhile, our Salamanders Tech Marine, He’stan attempted to grab the steering wheel to alter the trajectory of the vehicle…his Servo arm ended up ripping off the steering wheel…the vehicle went in a random direction…Straight Ahead!! KABOOM!!.. The explosion leaves a crater in front of the Starbase landing pad, damaging the foundation and the adjoining Terminal as well. The PDF platoon scattered before impact but there were still casualties caught in the blast. Enormous clouds of dust & debris obscured vision but for the moment the Rebels relented on their attack.

From the cries of alarm inside the terminal there also seems to be casualties among the wounded and civilians taking shelter therein…or so the Killteam thought…then terrified occupants came running from the cover of the terminal (as if it were safer outside). Brother Astelan moves in to investigate…

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