Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus

Deathwatch RPG: Killteam Extremus
Sessions 3 Log

The Portica District has been secured thanks to the Valor of two brave Killteam members. Heroically done, like a Space Marine! First the Killteam uncovered the traitor that was stymieing the defense of the PDF base and mobilized defenses uncovered within the base.

Next our Battle Brothers moved on to support the PDF Platoon defending the Spaceport from being overrun by Rebels. It was a brutal combat with grievous casualties with most of the PDF Platoon perishing in the battle. During the exchange a fuel truck loaded with high octane promethium was attempting to ram the barricade, our Dark Angel Assault Marine Astelan took careful aim and…Missed! However, his off-hand shot not so carefully aim scored a headshot on the driver. Meanwhile, our Salamanders Tech Marine, He’stan attempted to grab the steering wheel to alter the trajectory of the vehicle…his Servo arm ended up ripping off the steering wheel…the vehicle went in a random direction…Straight Ahead!! KABOOM!!.. The explosion leaves a crater in front of the Starbase landing pad, damaging the foundation and the adjoining Terminal as well. The PDF platoon scattered before impact but there were still casualties caught in the blast. Enormous clouds of dust & debris obscured vision but for the moment the Rebels relented on their attack.

From the cries of alarm inside the terminal there also seems to be casualties among the wounded and civilians taking shelter therein…or so the Killteam thought…then terrified occupants came running from the cover of the terminal (as if it were safer outside). Brother Astelan moves in to investigate…

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